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Thank you guys for a great year!

Hey everyone. I would just like to thank everyone for such a great year! Since June, we have gotten nearly 3, 000 site views! Amazing! Thank you so much! I am hoping by the end of 2013 we will be at or over 10, 000 views! Please help me make his possible by sharing our […]

Party TIME!

So in a couple of weeks, my daughter will be turning 10. And yes, her birthday is the day before mine. Anyways, For her birthday, I want to have an icecream party. So everyone goes though the line and creates there own icecream by choosing the flavor of icecream they want, and what they want […]

Halloween Costumes

Yes, I know it is a bit early to be posting about this but I like to pick out what costumes I want about this time. So, this year, I am battling myself on whether we should wear themed costumes as a family or individual costumes. By themed costumes, I mean like Me be Princess […]

Homemade Lipgloss

I was recently at a mother-daughter activity for our ward and they had a lipgloss making station. I thought this would be fun for a future birthday party or something so I decided to blog about it so I wouldn’t forget…… (Isn’t this┬ácute? This is the one my daughter made….with labels and everything!) Here are […]