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Christmas morning breakfast -6 days till Christmas!

Make sure to check back In every day for another Christmas idea, recipe, and more! “Home helping’s 14 days of Christmas!” 6 days till Christmas! Christmas morning breakfast! Here are a couple of ideas for Christmas breakfast/lunch! 1. Santa Gramns Made with Gramn crackers, marshmallows, red and pink frosting, red gumdrops, and red jellybeans. 2. […]

Elf on the shelf! -10 days till Christmas!

Every day I will be posing something new! Ideas, recipes, and more for Christmas! This is all part of “Homehelping’s 14 days of Christmas!” Don’t forget to send me your ideas and Christmas pictures @homehelping on Twitter! Day 5-10 days till Christmas “Elf on the shelf” Elf on the shelf is a Christmas tradition that […]

12 day stocking games! 12 days till Christmas!

I will be posting every day until Christmas to celebrate “Home Helping’s 14 days of Christmas!” Share this on your Twitter, facebook, etc! Don’t forget to send us your ideas to be posted on the blog by tweeting them @homehelping! And send us pics of your family, Christmas tree, etc to be posted on our […]

She is here! Waterbithing and the name contest winner!

Hey everyone so first off, I am sorry I haven’t been on lately it has been so crazy! She is here! My little baby girl made it healthy and safe into the world! So we looked at over 500 name suggestions and our daughter’s new name is…..Taryl! We have heard and loved this name but […]

Homemade Lipgloss

I was recently at a mother-daughter activity for our ward and they had a lipgloss making station. I thought this would be fun for a future birthday party or something so I decided to blog about it so I wouldn’t forget…… (Isn’t this cute? This is the one my daughter made….with labels and everything!) Here are […]

Have your helping Hand Ready

I was at the store on Friday and their was this little boy (Like Age 6) with his older brother (Age 14 or 15). His Brother and him were standing in line checking out. I watched as the older brother continuily snipped at his younger sibling, “Hurry up, Get that up there, Don’t be slow….Stop being […]


So first off….I’m Pregnant!!!! We are 5 months along and we are expecting…..A GIRL!!!!   I am Really Exited….I would have announced it earlier but My husband wanted to find the gender before posting it on the blog 🙂   And guess what! All of our kids have gone, girl boy girl boy and now girl! So […]