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Christmas games! – 2 days until Christmas!

Today I will be sharing with you some of the many Christmas games that we play with my family on Christmas- eve. 1. See how many ornaments you can balance on a yard stick in 1 minute. 2. Can you get the red Pom pom on a string up your Vaseline covered nose in under […]

Christmas party! – 7 days till Christmas!

First off, I’m sorry I haven’t posted for the past 2 days…..I have been running around trying to get all of this Christmas shopping done! 7 days till Christmas! “Party time!” It’s about time for Christmas parties….whooohoo! Invites- Children’s party- something like these….. Adult party- Games/ activities Children’s party- make gingerbread houses, “pin the hat […]

Top best Apps

So here are the top best apps that I use on my tablet and iPhone. Not in any order. 1. Facebook app 2. Pandora Free internet radio. Choose your favorite music and artist to play. 3. Pinterest app 4. Instagram app 5. Temple Run game 6. Where’s my Water? game 7. Talkatone Free unlimited calling […]

Party TIME!

So in a couple of weeks, my daughter will be turning 10. And yes, her birthday is the day before mine. Anyways, For her birthday, I want to have an icecream party. So everyone goes though the line and creates there own icecream by choosing the flavor of icecream they want, and what they want […]

Halloween Costumes

Yes, I know it is a bit early to be posting about this but I like to pick out what costumes I want about this time. So, this year, I am battling myself on whether we should wear themed costumes as a family or individual costumes. By themed costumes, I mean like Me be Princess […]

Homemade Lipgloss

I was recently at a mother-daughter activity for our ward and they had a lipgloss making station. I thought this would be fun for a future birthday party or something so I decided to blog about it so I wouldn’t forget…… (Isn’t this¬†cute? This is the one my daughter made….with labels and everything!) Here are […]

Camping Games

So as most of you know I just got back from Camping (Today).¬† I wanted to share some of the games we played that are alot of fun (Hehe). 1. Cups You will need a plastic cup for each person. Y0u must complete a cup ‘routine’ without messing up. The winner is the person who […]