Stay Fit

Spinach Smoothie Recipe

I saw this on pinterest and really wanted to make and try it, So I did.  I have had SO much energy I just love it! My mom has been drinking these for a week and has lost 5 lbs!   Put in 2 handfuls of Baby Spinach, 1 apple (Sliced),  1 banana, 1 cup […]

Pregnancy Excercise

(This is not me, It is a photo from So let me say this again….I am a Health Nut. I HAVE to have a workout everyday or I feel rather guilty…..So during my pregnancys I have to come up with same excersises that I can do….There are also benifits…..Moms who excersise while prego usallly […]

Keeping it healthy :)

So Today I was thinking about posting Recipes or Treat ideas, but after looking at many fatty, sugary foods, I decided too post about something healthy……Fitness! 1. Stop watching television for the sake of watching television. Sure, watch your favorite shows, but I’m sure we have all sat in front of the TV and thought […]