Checklist of items to bring to the birth of your child

Ok so on my first child I was a little unorganized and didn’t’t really have anything planned out (besides the fact that I was going to have a waterbirth.) On my third child, I got a birth plan and let me tell you, it was SO much easier! Checklist for your child’s birth (for you) […]

She is here! Waterbithing and the name contest winner!

Hey everyone so first off, I am sorry I haven’t been on lately it has been so crazy! She is here! My little baby girl made it healthy and safe into the world! So we looked at over 500 name suggestions and our daughter’s new name is…..Taryl! We have heard and loved this name but […]

Dressin’ the bump

I want to share some tips for all the “Expecting” ladies out there, how to use your regular clothes to dress your bump (In a cute way!). 1. Pregnant over the cooler months? Theres no reason to put away your summer clothes. I like wearing my summer dresses over leggings and boots…. It saves money […]

Pregnancy Excercise

(This is not me, It is a photo from So let me say this again….I am a Health Nut. I HAVE to have a workout everyday or I feel rather guilty…..So during my pregnancys I have to come up with same excersises that I can do….There are also benifits…..Moms who excersise while prego usallly […]


So first off….I’m Pregnant!!!! We are 5 months along and we are expecting…..A GIRL!!!!   I am Really Exited….I would have announced it earlier but My husband wanted to find the gender before posting it on the blog 🙂   And guess what! All of our kids have gone, girl boy girl boy and now girl! So […]