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Egg Nog fudge; 14 Days till Christmas!

So I am going to be posting everyday for the next 14 days with all the Christmas recipes, ideas, decorations and more! If you have any awesome ideas that you want to be shared on he blog, tweet US @homehelping. And don’t forget to share “Home Helping’s 14 days of Christmas” on your facebook, Twitter, […]

The tooth fairy: a child’s tooth stealing, money givin friend

The other day Adyn lost one of his teeth. After he went to bed I was telling my friend some of the things our ‘tooth fairy’ does and my friend was amazed by my supposive (in her words) “WONDERFUL IDEAS!” So I guess if my ideas are so “WONDERFUL” Then I would put them on […]

Checklist of items to bring to the birth of your child

Ok so on my first child I was a little unorganized and didn’t’t really have anything planned out (besides the fact that I was going to have a waterbirth.) On my third child, I got a birth plan and let me tell you, it was SO much easier! Checklist for your child’s birth (for you) […]

Top best Apps

So here are the top best apps that I use on my tablet and iPhone. Not in any order. 1. Facebook app 2. Pandora Free internet radio. Choose your favorite music and artist to play. 3. Pinterest app 4. Instagram app 5. Temple Run game 6. Where’s my Water? game 7. Talkatone Free unlimited calling […]

She is here! Waterbithing and the name contest winner!

Hey everyone so first off, I am sorry I haven’t been on lately it has been so crazy! She is here! My little baby girl made it healthy and safe into the world! So we looked at over 500 name suggestions and our daughter’s new name is…..Taryl! We have heard and loved this name but […]

Party TIME!

So in a couple of weeks, my daughter will be turning 10. And yes, her birthday is the day before mine. Anyways, For her birthday, I want to have an icecream party. So everyone goes though the line and creates there own icecream by choosing the flavor of icecream they want, and what they want […]

15 Happy ways to Raise Joyful, Grateful kids

1. Great Attitudes. Set great Attitudes. Have a great one yourself. Refrain from saying crude or unhappy things about your children, or anyone else. If you child says something unkind or rude about something/ somebody, Tell them nicely that what they said was not right and they shouldn’t say mean things. For each unhappy thing […]