15 Natural Beauty Recipes

Here are 15 natural beauty recipes. Sent in from Laura Bay.     1.) Brown Sugar and Honey Facial Scrub This is probably my favorite one. Brown sugar exfoliates the skin ridding the pores of all dirt, oil and dead skin cells causing blemishes. Honey is naturally antibacterial, so as the brown sugar scrubs away […]

Homemade Lipgloss

I was recently at a mother-daughter activity for our ward and they had a lipgloss making station. I thought this would be fun for a future birthday party or something so I decided to blog about it so I wouldn’t forget…… (Isn’t this cute? This is the one my daughter made….with labels and everything!) Here are […]

DIY: Dyed Jeans

So I have seen this around a bit, And decided to go figure out how to do it. I found the tutorial on another blog at So first you will need some white jeans. I got mine at old navy for $15 which is a pretty good price. You will also need Rit dye. […]