17 Household Tricks!

For a Random Post, Here are 17 household Tricks! 1.       2.       3.       4.       5.       6.         7.       8.           9.           10.         […]

Removing Toilet Rings

We had a problem that drove me nuts. We had rings. Toilet bowl rings that wouldn’t go away. Now before you go thinking that I don’t clean my toilets, please think better of me. We regularly clean our toilets. Furthermore, I have tried a series of things to clean these rings but nothing touches them. […]

The Toy Rule

A few months ago We ‘Devolped’ a new rule in our home. So every Sunday….I go though the kids’ rooms and pick up any toys (Or anything really) that is out of place. I put everything in a closet called the ‘Toy Closet’ and the kids must do extra chores to earn their stuff back. […]


So I decided to make a post telling you about our points. So I went and bought a wipe erase board at my local craft store. I wrote each child’s name and a small blank area remained next to it. If the kids are good I may give them 2-15 points (Depending on how good), […]

Ways to help with Kids doing Chores

So In my home, We have been having some trouble getting the kids to do chores. So I have been thinking, and came up with a new way to help with this. So I Got On microsoft Word and made a column for things they must do every day. Everyday: Brush Teeth,   Get Hair done […]