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Christmas games! – 2 days until Christmas!

Today I will be sharing with you some of the many Christmas games that we play with my family on Christmas- eve.

1. See how many ornaments you can balance on a yard stick in 1 minute.


2. Can you get the red Pom pom on a string up your Vaseline covered nose in under a minute?


3. The nut-stacker game


4. How many ornaments can you hang on a string without using your hands?


5. Can young the Christmas cookie from your forehead to your mouth without using your hands?


6.try to Open the Christmas present using ski gloves until doubles are rolled…..once double are rolled, pass on to the next person. Whoever fully opens the present gets to keep it.


There you go! 6 great Christmas games that are so fun for parties!

Check out these Christmas websites:

Noradsanta.com (track Santa)

Reindeercam.com (watch a live video feed of Santa’s reindeer)

Portablenorthpole.com (see a speciAl video message from Santa himself)

Happy holidays!



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