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Christmas morning breakfast -6 days till Christmas!

Make sure to check back In every day for another Christmas idea, recipe, and more!

“Home helping’s 14 days of Christmas!”

6 days till Christmas!

Christmas morning breakfast!

Here are a couple of ideas for Christmas breakfast/lunch!

1. Santa Gramns


Made with Gramn crackers, marshmallows, red and pink frosting, red gumdrops, and red jellybeans.

2. Christmas canes


   Made with bananas and strawberries.

3. Christmas tree waffles.


   Made with raspberries, blueberries, pineapple bites or bananas, bacon, and dyed-green waffles.

4. Santa hat brownies


made with brownie bites, strawberries, white frosting, and a marshmallow.

5. Santa hat cupcakes


made with a vanilla cupcake, white cream cheese frosting, a strawberry, and a marshmallow.

6.egg nog fudge

go  to my recipe post to see recipe.

7. Egg nog French toast


(I will have a recipe posted for this tomorrow)

Thanks for reading this post and I hope it helps! Make sure to come back tomorrow for another great idea!

Happy holidays!


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