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Christmas party! – 7 days till Christmas!

First off, I’m sorry I haven’t posted for the past 2 days…..I have been running around trying to get all of this Christmas shopping done!

7 days till Christmas!

“Party time!”

It’s about time for Christmas parties….whooohoo!


Children’s party- something like these…..



Adult party-


Games/ activities

Children’s party- make gingerbread houses, “pin the hat on Santa”, “pin the red nose on Rudolph”, watch an Christmas movie, make ornaments, Christmas caroling.

Adult party- socialize (for a large group), gingerbread house contest (good for family party, split into groups of 2 and see who can make he biggest and best house of gingerbread!), cooking contest (split into groups of 2 and each make a course for dinner!), etc.


Children’s party- if you are making gingerbread houses have some bowls of fruit for the kids to snack on as they sneakily eat the candy (you know they will!


Egg nog fudge (I have a recipe post for this!)


Strawberry Santa brownies.


Christmas tree (made of cheese, baby tomatos, and pretzels.)


Made of blueberries, raspberries, bacon, bananas or pineapple bites, and green waffles (use food dye)


Christmas cane! ( made with strawberry and banana)


Strawberry Santa! (Made wish a strawberry, frosting, cupcake, and marshmallow) That’s the end of my post! Come back tomorrow for another great Christmas idea! Happy holidays!


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