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Elf on the shelf! -10 days till Christmas!

Every day I will be posing something new! Ideas, recipes, and more for Christmas! This is all part of “Homehelping’s 14 days of Christmas!” Don’t forget to send me your ideas and Christmas pictures @homehelping on Twitter!

Day 5-10 days till Christmas

“Elf on the shelf”

Elf on the shelf is a Christmas tradition that happens in many families homes. There are a 1000 different various ways to do this but I will tell you the way my family does it. If your family does it different feel free to comment and tell me the way they do it!

Basically every year Santa sends down an elf to each family to make sure they are on the nice list. They watch the children to make sure they are being good (keeping the kids good during the holidays 😉 every night the elf use their ‘magic’ to fly up to the north pole and report to Santa how the children are doing. They arrive back at the family’s home just before the children wake, always hiding in a different spot. The kids must find the elf throughout the day but cannot touch him or he will lose his magic. The elf arrives 12 days before Christmas. The elf leaves when he hears the bells of Santa’s sleigh on Christmas eve.

Each year our elf arrives on our dining room table on the morning exactly 12 days before Christmas. Along with a letter written by Santa. Here is what the letter says:

Dearest children,

Each year during the holiday season I send an elf down to each family in the world. The elf’s job is to make sure all the children are on the nice list. My elves arrive exactly 12 days before Christmas and leave on the night of Christmas eve when they hear the bells of my sleigh.  My elves make sure that all of the children of the world are being nice and no children are on the naughty list. Each night my elves use their magic to fly up to north pole to report to me that all the children are being good. Theyes then fly back down to he homes of the children just before they wake the next morning. Each morning the elf will hide in a new spot in the house. It is your job to find them! Just don’t touch them or they will lose their magic! Have a Merry Christmas, and don’t forget to name your elf with a special name!

-Mr. Santa Clause

Yes, you must hide your families elf in a new spot whey morning. It can be fun! Btw, some people have naughty elves!


10 days till Christmas! Happy holidays!



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