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Christmas Decorating – 11 days until Christmas!

Everyday I will be posting another Christmas idea, recipe, decorating ideas, etc. This is all part of “Home Helping’s 14 days of Christmas”! Tweetc us @homehelping with your ideas and suggestions so they can possibly be posted on the blog!

“Home Helping’s 14 days of Christmas!”

Day 4- Christmas decorating

Here are some ideas for decorating!



Take a small platter and put some silver bells on it. Place 3 vanilla miniature candles on it and wala!



Santa-tizer! Get some clear, soap bottles (already filled) and place a ‘Santa looking’ cover on it. You can make it on Microsoft word and then laminate it so it doesn’t get ruined. You can also reuse them every year!



Cute center piece for dining room table! Get a wooden box and fill with plastic pines (get these at a local craft store) get some clear glass jars and put some fake, plastic candles in the jars. Very cute!



Great porch decoration! Find a large plant holder (you will have to plain ahead and get one in the summer.) Get some ribbon to go around it. Get some fake pines (at your craft store) and some large plastic ornaments (I got some at the dollar store!) Get some plastic colored strings and there you go! You can always vary the supplies and decorate it however you like!



Great decoration for above the fireplace or coat rack. Just get a N, E, L letters at your craft store. Paint them whatever colors you like. Make/get a cute wreath for the ‘O’ get out a make candle and paint a plastic star and…..cute!



Get 2 frames endpoint them antique white, then glue them together. Add a red ribbon, an ornament, and some small multicolor puff balls. I also added a red antique painted star but I found that At a booth barn.



Get an old window pane and add lights.  I found this star at a craft store. I hang this decoration on the wall by the stairs in my house, super cute!



I got the light compartment at the craft store. I got some cheap ornaments and filled it up. Add some ribbon and……very cute!

Happy holidays! Don’t forget to tweet me your ideas and pictures @homehelping.

Yes, I know….it says repinned on most of these pictures….the came off of pinterest ok?



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