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12 day stocking games! 12 days till Christmas!

I will be posting every day until Christmas to celebrate “Home Helping’s 14 days of Christmas!” Share this on your Twitter, facebook, etc! Don’t forget to send us your ideas to be posted on the blog by tweeting them @homehelping! And send us pics of your family, Christmas tree, etc to be posted on our blog! Happy holidays!

So as soon as you read this you better get working because you need to start this activity exactly 12 days before Christmas! This is a fun activity to bring the family together during the holidays! Start by getting 12 socks/ stockings. Come up with 12 different activities that your family can do together that will be fun and enjoyable. Skip down to see the next part of this Christmas activity! There’s more! Here are some ideas:

1. Decorate your tree

2. Drive around to see the lights (if you live in Salt Lake City like us, you can go take a walk at Temple Square!)

3. Go to the festival of trees together

4. Go pick out an ornament for each family member and Hang it on the tree.

5. Go see Santa at the mall/ write Santa a letter

6. Go sledding

7. Have a movie night with treats.

8. Make dinner for a family In the neighborhood

9. Put together baskets/ make blankets and bring them to the kids at the hospital (this could take up 2 nights!)

10. Volunteer at the soup kitchen

11. Go Christmas caroling

12. Door bell ditch the neighbors (but leave treats at their door!)

Now, write Down each activity on a slip of paper and hide each one in a different stocking. Put treats in each stocking (to eat with your family while completing an activity.) If the treats are too big, put a ‘coupon’ in the stockings to get the treats. Hang the stockings in order on your stairs or fireplace. Each night for the 12 days until Christmas eve, open a stocking with your family and complete the activity! Just don’t let the kids get into them before!

Happy holidays! Make sure to send us your Christmas ideas, and Christmas pictures @homehelping on Twitter!



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