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The tooth fairy: a child’s tooth stealing, money givin friend

The other day Adyn lost one of his teeth. After he went to bed I was telling my friend some of the things our ‘tooth fairy’ does and my friend was amazed by my supposive (in her words) “WONDERFUL IDEAS!” So I guess if my ideas are so “WONDERFUL” Then I would put them on my blog.


“Tooth fairy bag” One of the things I love doing with my kinda is making a ‘tooth fairy bag’. This is where the tooth, money and tooth fairy receipt will go. You can put your child’s name on it and decorate it however you like.


(Photo from jadedblossom.com) “Tooth fairy certificate” It’s always fun to have a records of when it happened. You can make your own or purchase some at chasing-fireflies.com.


“Tooth fairy pillow” I made one of these for each one of my kids. Super fun!


There are some of my ideas! So Much easier then having to get under the pillow 😉


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