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Checklist of items to bring to the birth of your child

Ok so on my first child I was a little unorganized and didn’t’t really have anything planned out (besides the fact that I was going to have a waterbirth.) On my third child, I got a birth plan and let me tell you, it was SO much easier!

Checklist for your child’s birth (for you)

1. 2 pairs of outfits for you that you are not afraid to get ruined.

2. A flexible nightgown (if you feel uncomfortable with the one the hospital gives you.)

3. A headband, and ponytails.

4.if you are having a waterbirth, bring a comfortable bra or bikini top (no bottoms)

6. Snacks (after the labor, you will be starving and the hospital cafeteria could be closed.)

7. Pillow (if you want your own pillow and not the hospital.) Make sure to use a pillowcase that is anything but white.

8. A plastic water cup. Liquids are important during labor!

9.yoga ball ; the hospital May have one but you never know how many birthing mommies could be there at the exact time you are. You can go down to Wal-Mart and get one for cheap to assure you have one. These can help relax and calm the pain.

10. Hand massager. Very useful for back pain!

11. Breastfeeding tops

12. 6 months outfit for go home outfit (sadly, they will still fit!)

13. Birthplan, ready to go!

14. Stopwatch to time contractions

15. Massage oils or lotions

16. Diversions for long labors (board games, cards etc.)

17. List of people to call after the birth.

18. Camera/video camera

19. Maxi-pads

20. Toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, facewash, shampoo, etc.

21. Extra pairs of underwear and a nursing bra.

Checklist for your child’s birth (for baby)

1. Blankets for the car ride home

2. Approved car seat

3. Go home outfit

4. Breastfeeding machine

5. Breastfeeding bib

6. Baby outfit

7. Diapers

Good luck with your births and may the odds be ever in your favor!


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