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She is here! Waterbithing and the name contest winner!

Hey everyone so first off, I am sorry I haven’t been on lately it has been so crazy!

She is here! My little baby girl made it healthy and safe into the world!


So we looked at over 500 name suggestions and our daughter’s new name is…..Taryl! We have heard and loved this name but when we saw over 20 people suggesting it, we were ecstatic to finally name one of our children Taryl!

I had been cleaning he house on a Saturday afternoon with my daughters Corinne (10) and Brynlee (6) when I started contracting. My husband had taken Adyn (8) and Preston (4) to my mother-in-laws home to be watched while he helped my father-in-law do some home work. I wasn’t’t sure if this was the real labor or just pre-contractions considering I was 6 days early. After an hour of constant contractions I called my husband. We drove up to the birth center while my in-laws took the 4 other kids. I was in labor for a good 2 hours and then pushed for 20 minutes!  It was a waterbirth and was amazing! I got out of the water once but then got back in cause the pain was too much out of the water. The birth was so smooth and easy! We were able to go home the same day (only because it was a birth center and not a hospital). When we got home my mom and mother-in-law were there with Corinne and Brynlee welcoming US home with cookies while Preston, Adyn and my dad and dad-in-law were holding up a sign. Tayrl has caught the hearts of all my family and is so cute!




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