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PMD : Skin Regeneration

Ok first off let me tell you…..This is completly my own opinion and I am NOT getting paid to write this post!

So the PMD…. It is a skin tool to replenish your skin to look younger and more vibrant. It ‘buffs’ away dry, dead skin to reveal a more beautiful layer of skin. I LOVE this product. Every time I use it, I feel my skin after and it feels so soft!  I don’t have to wear AS much makeup because of this product and how well it works. AND it helps with Acne!

When you purchese this tool, It comes with:

1 personal microderm
7 exfoliating discs (1 white training, 2 green and 4 blue)
1 electric cord (Standard U.S. Outlet)
1 facial cap
1 body cap
1 reusable filter
Instructional CD and Pamphlet.

Each Kit is $179.00. But it is worth EVERY SINGLE CENT! PLUS….. You can get 25% off by typing in the coupon code “CutegirlsHairstyles”!


To order, Click here http://www.personalmicroderm.com/

Comment below and tell me if you are going to get one! I could just keep going on and on about this product but I will stop now…..

Name contest ends november 10th.

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