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15 Happy ways to Raise Joyful, Grateful kids

1. Great Attitudes.

Set great Attitudes. Have a great one yourself. Refrain from saying crude or unhappy things about your children, or anyone else. If you child says something unkind or rude about something/ somebody, Tell them nicely that what they said was not right and they shouldn’t say mean things. For each unhappy thing they say, they must say 5 kind things about something/ somebody.  DO NOT tell them how ungrateful they are! Find another way to show them about being grateful.

2. Keeping a goal.

People who keep goals are more often to have a great attitude. Sit down with your whole family each week and have each person set a goal for the week.

3. Have Close Relationships with your kids.

Try to have a special relationship with each child. Have a night where you and one of your children spend time together, watch a movie, go to the park, go out to eat, go to a movie, go for a walk, etc. Say good things about your children and refrain from critizing.

4. Have your kids keep a journal.

Have them wright in it often, and wright down the things they are grateful for. 6-7th graders who kept a gratitude journal for only three weeks, had an
increased grade point average over the course of a year

5. Love your spouse

Ok, Don’t sit in the kitchen and make-out in front of your kids, but don’t yell and critizize them either. Show your kids you love your spouse (Without kissing) and make it a point (Mainly to your daughters) that they deserve the best and they don’t need to settle for anything less then they deserve…..

6. Excersise with your kids

In the mornings go for a run/jog with your kids, go for bike ride, or just do some morning stretches. Kids who are fit and healthy have more self-confidence and are happier, which leads to gratefulness.

7. Sticky Notes

Everyday, Have a large mirror and each child has to write what they are grateful for on a sticky note and stick it to the mirror.

9. Leave out a basket of thank-you notes, an invitation to always give thanks to someone

10. Service!

Go out with your family and do a service project for someone in need!

11. No complaining day (Week, Month?)

12.Play the “What’s Good & Lovely” High-Way
Game: Make it the game you play in the car. One person calls out a
person’s name, anything seen out the window, anything at all: and each person
has to take the High Way and think of one ‘good & lovely” thing about what
was called. (Ideas of what to call out: Bill! Our country! Our family! Your
body! Mondays! Sisters! Moms! (Good for long car trips)

13. Leave little notes in your kids’ lunchboxes…….This was a special thing for me when I was a girl.

14. Surprise!

Get a plate of cookies or treats and maybe even a poem to go along…..leave them on someone’s doorstep and ring the bell, and RUN!  This is a great family night!  (Just don’t do the elderly 🙂 )

15. Take a trip down to the foodbank with your kids.

I find thes tips VERY useful….Hopefully you will too!

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