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Removing Toilet Rings

We had a problem that drove me nuts. We had rings. Toilet bowl rings that wouldn’t go away. Now before you go thinking that I don’t clean my toilets, please think better of me. We regularly clean our toilets. Furthermore, I have tried a series of things to clean these rings but nothing touches them. After becoming more and more frustrated by our rings, I was desperate (and totally disgusted, it was embarrassingly gross).


So  the first trick I found was this. Cut off a piece of a Magic Eraser and let it float in the toilet overnight…. And WALA! No more Ring! This worked pretty well……


Then there is a product called ‘The Pumie’. It was less $10 and I thought It was prob going to turn out bad. But let me tell you, The rings were gone in less then 4 minutes.


Pumie Before & After(The blogger says:

“And yes, for the record, the before picture was taken after being cleaned with my normal cleaner.”)



Idea and Picture was from thesuburbanmom.com.

So what are your ideas for getting rid of toilet rings? Comment below and tell me!



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