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Knotted Headband Braid (Tutorial)

This Hairstyle I think is super cute, And I can’t wait to do it on Corinn for the first day of school!

The Knotted Braid Headband | Braided Hairstyles

(Picture from cutegirlshairstyles.com)

1. Corinn’s hair was damp when I did this hairstyle, it helps keep in the flyways. But you can also use hairwax if you would like.

2. I started by parting a section in the front of her head from her left part-line down to her ear. I pulled the rest of her hair back into a tight pony-tail.

3. Pick a small section from your part and split it into 2 sections, Tie them into a knot and give the sections to your daughter to hole tightly.

4. pick up another section and repeat. Do it another time but this time grab the sections from the first knot, pull them under the 2nd knot, and add each piece onto the correct section and tie a knot.

5. pick up another section and this time pull down the pieces from the 2nd knot….

6. Keep repeating until you get down to her ear. Secure with an elastic..

7. Take out the pony-tail and take a small section and bobby-pin it over the elastic.


Thats it! I hope this made sense for you guys….Still working on  getting my camera to work, I may just have to buy a new one :/

Here is a video tutorial from youtube.com/cutegirlshairstyles.






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