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Monthly Budget

So I read this on another blog (helpinghappilyeverafter.blogspot.com), And I REALLY wanted to share the idea!

With many people you get paid once a month, and sometimes it can be hard to keep enough money in the bank to spend on bills at the end of the month rather then spending it on other stuff (this is really hard for me -_-).  So At the beginning of the month, Buy a “Gas Card” from wherever you buy gas to use for the month.

Buy 4 different gift cards from the grocery store (One for each week) with however much you need to spend for the week .

After paying for that, Whatever money is left is yours to spend.

I thought this is a really good idea (For me at least) and is SO much easier!

Thanks Melissa from helpinghappilyeverafter.blogspot.com!

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