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Back to School

So Today I will be talking about the latest and greatest trends, school supplies, and everything for “Back 2 School”.

First off, over the weekend I found a new website…..Polyvore.com. Some of you may already know that it exists, some of you may not….But all the outfits in this post are put together by polyvore.com

Trends, clothes, etc.

If you would like, you can just skip on down to the “School Supply” or “And What Not” Section….If you have no interest in this…

So yes, usally when school starts you get your kids new clothes and what not to fit the latest trends, but why not for you too? Today I am going to post different outfits for both you and your kids.

Love! I really like this one…..I am about 5’6 so I am not very short (For a girl) wearing heels can be awkward at times….So If I do wear heels, they MUST be cute 😉

Fall outfit :)This is a cute Fall outfit….

love everything! especially these flip flopsThis may be a little summery, but its cute.

Casuel, created by alyssapluscute.polyvore.comcute….

FallLove this!

Kids Trends

Love this for a little girl. This would be great for Brynlee!

Love!Either we need a bigger size for my 5 year old, or we will have to wait for the upcoming baby.

$18 crew cuts girls cupcake ruffle skirtThis skirt could go with…..

Lace leggings. Never Nola via Etsy.These leggings or…..

Red Footless Tights with ruffles....so cute!These leggings.

boy clothes, kids, kid shoesJust for my son….. add some jeans and wala!

School Supplies

At walmart, I found a 24 ct. of Crayola Crayons for $1.94. (Not bad…) This was $2 at costco.

At walmart, I found a 4 pc. of stick glue for $2.68 dollars.

I got scissors at walmart for about $2.97 each.

I got a 4 pc. of Elmers Glue for $4.40 or One bottle for $0.97. It is really cheaper to buy one bottle at a time, if you buy a 4 pc….it ends up at about $1.10 per bottle.

Colored pencils at walmart are $1.47 for a 12 pc.

(Walmart) 24 ct. of crayola crayons is $1.88

(Walmart) A box of 25 folders (Portfolios) is $13.97

A COMPLETE binder is like $10 I think at costco….

A 33 ct. case with pencils, erasers, etc. At costco is around $10 I think….

(Walmart)  A 4 pack of regular notebooks is $6.

Back packs

I don’t like getting my kids cheapo backpacks because in the long run it is more expensive having to go out and buy another backpack 4 or 5 times a year. In the past years (My kids love doing it) we buy a solid color back pack, and then go home and decorate it with fabric paint, pins, etc. But if that does not work for you, they have backpacks at walmart for $8 and up.


I think these nails would be cute for the first day of school

first day of school?

Or these…

Notebook Nails

I know this post is kinda inmature a bit (The whole fashion part) just because thats what you see teenage ‘bloggers’ posting about. But I hope it will help. I invite you guys to do a challange, Take a picture of your kid (s) on the first day of school and tweet it to me!


Please enter to win our name contest! Go to the page “Name contest” for more details.

Don’t forget to follow us on twitter @ homehelping.




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