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Homemade Lipgloss

I was recently at a mother-daughter activity for our ward and they had a lipgloss making station. I thought this would be fun for a future birthday party or something so I decided to blog about it so I wouldn’t forget……

(Isn’t this cute? This is the one my daughter made….with labels and everything!)

Here are the Steps:

1. Get a sauce pan and boil water.

2. Get a drink mix (Singles) and pour the packet into a plastic sandwhich bag.


3. Put in about  a tablespoon and 1/2 of crisco.


4. Seal the bag and ‘squish’ together.


5. Dip the bag into the boiling water. DO NOT LEAVE IN WATER, BAG WILL MELT! Dip in and out until your mixture is a liquid.

6. Once your ‘lipgloss’ is a liquid, let it sit for a little awile. It will get thicker and turn into the lipgloss texture you want.

And Done! See how easy that is? That would be a fun activity for a birthday party as long as the girls are old and mature enough they wont burn themselves.


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