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Pregnancy Excercise

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So let me say this again….I am a Health Nut. I HAVE to have a workout everyday or I feel rather guilty…..So during my pregnancys I have to come up with same excersises that I can do….There are also benifits…..Moms who excersise while prego usallly have a shorter and easier labor. They also recover faster post-pregnancy.

Walking: This is the best overall exercise for pregnant women! It is low impact but still gets your heart rate up and your blood pumping. Walking is usually safe throughout the entire pregnancy.

Jogging:  Jogging can be done safely if you were jogging prior to getting pregnant. It may be less comfortable as you get farther along which would be a good time to back off and switch to walking. If you are not able to have a conversation when jogging, then you are working out too hard.

Swimming: This is a wonderful exercise for pregnancy. Swimming alleviates the heaviness you feel from weight gain associated with pregnancy. It also provides you with optimal cardiovascular benefits and helps you feel light and refreshed.

Yoga: Yoga can help you maintain your muscle tone and stretch out tight ligaments during pregnancy. Be sure you find a prenatal yoga class if possible. There are some limitations such as inversions, excess twisting, lying on your back or stomach, etc., but a good yoga instructor will be able to help you adapt. Hot yoga, and Bikram yoga should be avoided.

Weight Training: Weight training is another great way to maintain and build muscle during your pregnancy. Just keep in mind you should avoid heavy weights, and weight bearing exercises that require you to lie flat on your back after your first trimester. In general, anything you were doing before pregnancy you can continue. If you were not doing anything before it is safe to stick to lighter weights and higher reps.

Make sure to ask your doctor about excersise….See what and what not you are able to do.

Some ideas and pictures for this post were collected from www.totalmommyfitnessonline.com.

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