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Have your helping Hand Ready

I was at the store on Friday and their was this little boy (Like Age 6) with his older brother (Age 14 or 15). His Brother and him were standing in line checking out. I watched as the older brother continuily snipped at his younger sibling, “Hurry up, Get that up there, Don’t be slow….Stop being So stupid!” The older brother continued to call his brother names under his breath. The little brother did not respond, only did what he was told and continued to load the grocerys up on the check register. The older brother Handed the lady the money, said that he would be right back, and quickly left, Leaving his brother at the register hauling the grocerys back into the cart. Once he finished, he picked up a candy bar and handed it to the woman. She scanned it and asked for $1.06. The boy scraggled though his pockets to find 25 cents, handed it to the woman to find he did not have enough. I looked at him and handed him some money so he could buy it. He bought the candy bar and when his brother returned, he handed him the candy bar. I was simply astonished at how kind he was being conisdering how rude his brother had treated him.

So the point of that little story was to say that we really need to have our helping hands at the ready, Because I helped that boy….He was able to reach out to his brother with kindness. There are times when My husband is at Medical school, I have all 4 kids and I just wish someone would come watch the kids so I can just go take time for myself. Sometimes I don’t see my husband for 3-4 days at a time (Because of his Medical school, thank goodness he graduates this year!), and I Get really overwelmed! And now That I have a baby on the way, It is going to be stressful. That is why I look to be kind to those around me. So that when it is my turn, They will do the same for me.

So I have a goal for everyone of you. To pass on the service. If someone helps you, pass it on by helping someone else. Whether it is small like opening a door for someone, or large like doing a 10 hour service project for them. Pass on the service, do as much as you can. If you are feeling down in the dumps, Do service, hopefully someone will do some for you too. So pass it on!

“Just like Jesus Did”

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