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The Toy Rule

A few months ago We ‘Devolped’ a new rule in our home. So every Sunday….I go though the kids’ rooms and pick up any toys (Or anything really) that is out of place. I put everything in a closet called the ‘Toy Closet’ and the kids must do extra chores to earn their stuff back. So a few posts back I talked about our ‘point’ thing we do in our house, right? So Thats how the kids get their stuff back. The extra chores they do earns them points, and they use their points to buy their stuff back.

Our closet does have a lock and a key on it(Mostly because my3 year old hasn’t really devoped honesty like my other kids), but if your kids have honesty, you should be fine without one.


So the kids have all week to keep their rooms clean, if they are dirty I pick up their stuff. They cannot clean it up on Sunday though 😛

So make sure to suggest names for our name contest. The winner will be the first one to see our new baby girl and also will…. win! Send in your name suggestions by commenting on our name contest page or our surprise post, emailing us, Or Tweeting us (Go to the Contact us page). Our Due Date is November 19th, So names must be sent in no later than November 10th (To Win).

Make sure to follow us on Twitter to see exclusive pictures of our family, home, inside life, and more! www.twitter.com/homehelping

See ya guys….And comment!



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