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So first off….I’m Pregnant!!!! We are 5 months along and we are expecting…..A GIRL!!!!   I am Really Exited….I would have announced it earlier but My husband wanted to find the gender before posting it on the blog 🙂   And guess what! All of our kids have gone, girl boy girl boy and now girl! So here is how we told the parents:

So I ordered in Tee-Shirts in for each of our other children. Each one had words on it. My #1’s said “I GET”, My #2’s said “TO HAVE”, My #3’s said “ANOTHER BABY” and My #4’s said “SISTER!”. So we did this at Family Night and all of our kids wore jackets to Grandma’s House. We played a ‘game’ wear we had to line up everyone from oldest to youngest…Then the kids all got ‘hot’ and took off their jackets. I Asked my Mother-In-Law what she thought of the kids’ matching shirts and she stepped out of the line to look at them. We were all really exited!

So do you have any ideas for our baby’s nursery, crafts, clothes etc? Let us know by commenting or sending us an email. Oh and also, We are having a name contest. Comment or send us an email with your favorite name(s) and the winner will be featured in their own post on our blog!!! Ready set, Comment!


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