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Date Night

So every Friday Night My hubby and I leave the kiddos with a babysitter and go on a date. I think this is really important in a marriage to have time with just the two of you.

So here are some ideas for different dates….Some of them are either free or really cheap! Some of them are at the house so if you have kids, hand them over to your In-Laws!

1. Go to the bakery and pick eachother out a treat

2. Go on a picnik

3. Dinner & Movie (Wife’s Choice)

4. Football Night (Watch Football and Eat Nachos)

5. Watch a Movie (Wife’s Choice)

6. Watch a Movie (Husband’s Choice)

7. Bike Ride

8. Go Shooting at the Rifle Range

9. Scavanger Hunt

10. Frisbee Golf

11. Bowling

12. Swimming (Hot Pools)

13. Go to a Drive-In movie

14. Go to the Temple

15. Go hit at the batting cages

16. Go out for Icecream

17. Go to the dollar store and each get an item to do that night.

18. Cook a meal together

19. Create letters for each other by using a book and crossing out words.

20. Teach me your hobby, I’ll teach you mine (I’m teaching him how to crochet an he’ll teach me how to shoot a bow and arrow)

21. Theme night (French, Mexican etc.)

22. Play Twister

23. Wii Game night

24. Buy something to build together

25. Make bucket lists

26. Paper Airplane Contests

27. Do a Photo Challenge

28.Relive the first date

29. Play Card games at the park

30. Go to the farmers Market

31. Give Each other makeovers

32. Go on a hike

33. Make Boats and float them down the river

34. Go to a petting zoo

35. Stargaze in the Backyard

36. Wash the cars

37. Sleep outside in Sleeping Bags (Or on the Trampoline)

38. Go to a BasketBall Game

39. Play BasketBall

40. Prank Call (Hehe)

Another fun idea is to write each one of those dates (and any others you can think of) on some sticks. Put them in a jar and when you go on a date, pull from the “Date Jar” to pick your date.

So there you go! There are some great ideas for dates!


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