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Camping Games

So as most of you know I just got back from Camping (Today).  I wanted to share some of the games we played that are alot of fun (Hehe).

1. Cups

You will need a plastic cup for each person. Y0u must complete a cup ‘routine’ without messing up. The winner is the person who goes the entire game without messing up. You can sing along to the following song:

This old man, he played dumb. He put nick-nacks on my thumb. With a nick-nack paggy-waggy give a dog a bone, this old man went rolling home.

Here is a video to explain:


2. Queen Ogga Bogga

So this is a game that you will need 6+ people. It is a tricking game.

So you will tell the people ‘playing’ that it is going to be really scary. Make them scared to play it. Tell them “Some one did it and was so scared they wet their pants ;)” 

Some one will need to be the “Ogga Bogga Queen”. 4+ people will be her ‘Servents’. Have one of the servants go to get the person ‘playing’. Only get one person at a time. The servants need to tell the person the following things:

“Make sure to do what the Queen Says”

“Do not speak unless she commands you to.”

“Do what ever she does”

Try to freak them out and scare them just a bit 😉

Once you get the person up to the queen, have the servants stand beside her. (Remember the person playing doesn’t know whats going on.) The queen will do some embarssing things and the person must copy her. The servants must talk and urge the person to copy her. Try getting leaves and plants to use to brush against the person’s face. HAVE THE PERSON COPY WHATEVER THE QUEEN DOES!

After the queen is done ’embarrassing’ the person have her sit down in a chair/lawn chair. Have the person sit down in one also. REALLY funny thing to do is to make the chair wet so when they sit down…..ya you get the point…..:)

3. Funnel

So you can use a waterbottle by just cutting the top off (Making a funnel). Have the person stick the funnel in their pants (Sticking out)Have a quater on their forehead. The object of the game is to get the quarter into the funnel.  When the person is doing it, pour some water in the funnel.


4. The X Games

So you will need:

Paper Bags, Food (nuts, gross foods), and 4+ People.

Fill each bag with a “not so yummy food”. Have everyone get in 2 rows across from each other.Give each person a bag and tell them not to open, look, or feel what is inside. Start on one side and go down the row. Which ever row is down first, wins.

5. Capture the Flag

This is really easy. Split into 2 teams. Each team must get a flag and hide it. Teams must find the other team’s flag.

So there are some games. Have fun!

(My son and his cousins)


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