Camping Ideas

So next week is our annual week-long camping trip that we go on every year with all of my husband’s family. Here are some ideas that I have gathered over the years along with some off of pinterest.

Keeping the Flies Away

Ziploc bag, water & a penny; just hang it and no more flies...must experiment

So take a ziploc bag and put some water and a penny in it. Hang it and the flies will stay away!

Itchy Mosquito bite?

Take a bar of dry soap and rub it on the bite. Instant Relief!

Got bears?

Use baking soda to rid the odor from your clothes and hands so the bears cannot smell food on you.

Bugs won’t leave you alone

After eating an orange, take the inside of the peel and rub it on your skin. The insects will stay far away!

Don’t forget stuff!

Don’t forget anything. Check off your items off of a list. Here is an example:


Check out these blogs for food ideas.



Things to do?

This may sound weird but sometimes we have a hard time coming up with things to do. Here are some ideas.

Bike ride



Capture the Flag

Scavanger hunt

nature scavenger hunt - for our summer adventures!

Well there you go. Those are my thoughts on camping! Have fun with your family! Just so you know I will not be posting next week because we will be gone.


2 comments on “Camping Ideas

  1. Perfect timing — we’re camping in August and you just saved me a TON of research (tons of camping experience but none with kids). Thanks! đŸ™‚

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