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So I decided to make a post telling you about our points.

So I went and bought a wipe erase board at my local craft store. I wrote each child’s name and a small blank area remained next to it. If the kids are good I may give them 2-15 points (Depending on how good), if they are bad I take away points. I write the points on the board. If the kids get below zero, They are ‘grounded’ and have to stay in their rooms unless they have to eat or go to the bathroom. They have to chores to work off their ‘debt’. Once they get back in the postitives, they are ungrounded.

The kids can use their points to buy things like:

*Going to the movies.

*Getting something at the store (They wanted something so I took points away to pay for it)

*Getting in trouble

*Not doing their chores

So I hung the board on the kitchen wall. I have a wipe erase marker that has velcro keeping it onto the board.

Also, There are some times when We are not home and I forgot later about some of the earned/ lost points. So I write them down on the phone in my ‘notes’ app.

So I hope you will try this in your home!


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