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Drink Water up!

So I have always had trouble with getting my kids to drink water as opose to chocolate milk, kool aid, etc. A few months ago I came up with a new ‘rule’. So I went and bought different colored cups for each kid. I also got magnets from Sierra’s for I think $5 for about 20 small magnets????? I hot glued some magnets onto each glass. Then I put 6 rubber bands on each glass. During the day, every time they drink a glass of water, they remove a rubber band and place it in the ‘band’ bucket (A cool whip bowl with paint decorated and placed on the counter to put the bands in). If all the  bands are gone, then I give the child points. (I told you about our ‘points’ in our chore post.) If they do not drink all of their water (Or only some of it) then I take points away.

This has worked well…..Hopefully it will work for you!


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