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Tips for Sunburns

So Our family recently went swimming and as soon as we got there I relized that I had forgotten all of the sunblock – Opps! So basically, Our entire family was crisped to a fry and we all look like firetrucks.

So, I got online and started looking for Homemade sunburn cream recipes. Here are some of them that I found. 


1 Cup Shea Butter
1/2 teaspoon Lavender Essential Oil
1/4 teaspoon Tea Tree Oil
2 teaspoons Raw Organic Aloe Vera Gel
1 teaspoon Vitamin E Oil
2 teaspoons of Mountain Rose Herbs Restorative Skin Oil

Melt shea butter in a pot on the stove over low, stirring occasionally. Remove from heat. Stir in remaining ingredients. Pour into containers. Makes 2 4oz. jars. Ingredients for this recipe can be found at Mountain Rose Herbs.


You will need a total of five things.
1)A bathtub to do this in (preferably ceramic, so it wont stain)
2)A pitcher
3)A rag that you dont mind getting stained
5)Three bags of black tea (I use Earl Grey)
First things first, strip down, because you dont want to get any of your clothes wet. Fill the pitcher with warm water and soak the tea bags in it. When you have the water almost black, like the picture, then move on.
Once the water has cooled to a warm/lukewarm temperature,dunk the rag into the tea, and dab it onto the sunburn. DO NOT WIPE IT OFF! Leave it on and let it be absorbed into your skin. Once its dry, re-apply as necessary, but never wash it off. If you do this process before bedtime, you can go to sleep and give it time to work its magic. In the morning you can wash it off in your shower. The sunburn should be substancialy subsided or all gone, but remember: the sooner you can apply the tea after you get the burn, the quicker and more effective it will be.Note: I had a severe sunburn and I also used the tea bags straight up, dabbing them directly onto my skin. You may use as many “coats” of tea as you want, but the more the better.

And here are some tips to keep it from peeling:
1. Take Tylonal AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! It will help.
2. Apply Aloe Vera ast continues to absorb it. Once the last coat you put on it absorbed, apply more. Keep doing this.
3. Take a cold Shower/ Bath. It will cool and extract the heat from your skin. DO NOT take a warm/ hot shower. This could cause pain and even nerve damage.
4. Put on Sun-Relief Spray. This will not cause pain to rub in and it we cool your skin 🙂
5. Try letting a cold rag soak on the burn.
So I hope my tips will help you 😉 They sure helped us! I tried the Tea trick and my son’s sunburn is almost completly gone! It worked amazing! Tonight I think I will do it on the hubby and the rest of the kids!
Good luck…….oh and next time………………Don’t forget to put on sunscreen!



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