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Ways to help with Kids doing Chores

So In my home, We have been having some trouble getting the kids to do chores. So I have been thinking, and came up with a new way to help with this.

So I Got On microsoft Word and made a column for things they must do every day.


Brush Teeth,   Get Hair done (For the Girls),    Clean Room,   Put Away Laundry,  Dishes,  Feed Dog (For my oldest boy),  Take Vitamins

Then I got a Monday- Saturday line with chores they must do for each day. Here is the chores for My oldest Daughter.

Monday- Clean Living Room, Pick up Office, Vacume Upstairs

Tuesday- Clean Kitchen, Clean Family Room, Sweep/ Mop Kitchen Floor

Wesneday- Clean Car, Pick up front and back yard, Water Garden

Thursday- Bathrooms, Living Room, Water Garden

Friday- Pick Up office, Clean Family Room, Sweep/ Mop Kitchen Floor

Saturday- Clean Kitchen, Water Garden,  Pick up Front and Back yard

Then I made a column for the things the kids have to do everynight.


Brush Teeth,    Practice Piano,    Shower,    20 Situps/ 20 Pushups OR Run/ Bike ride,     Read Scriptures,    Prayers.

And Every week Each child has to do one big progect.

So I printed these out, and laminated them. Then I put a wipe erase marker on each sheet. Then Put a chart on the back of each childs door. So when they do their chores, they can mark them off and at the end of the day, they erase them. I also check each child’s chart to assure everyone did their chores.

I also went and bought a wipe erase board and put it on the wall in the kitchen. If a child gets all of their chores done, they get 5 points, if they don’t get any chores done (Or not all of them done) They get 5 points taken away.  If they get below O points, They are basically ‘Grounded’ and have to stay in their rooms and can only come out to eat and go to the bathroom (Until they get their points back in the positives).  The  kids have to have at least 10 points to be able to go anywhere. This I found has worked REALLY well. Some of you may think our house runs like the milatary, but let me tell you, this is the best chore thing We have EVER done! Without the whole point systim, there would be no reason for the kids to do chores (In their view) So if they cannot do anything, it works well.

I hope you have enough courage to try this, because it works!


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