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Pinterest is a site where you ‘pin’ ideas and other things onto ‘boards’ which is kinda like putting files into folders. It is the Perfect site for mommy bloggers and moms who want some cool ideas for their homes, childeren etc. But let me just say that it is VERY addicting. I have over 30 boards, and over 3,000 pins. I have an IPhone so If I have a couple of minutes waiting in lines, I can just pull out my phone and start pinning! It is kind of like my gaming website. Once the house is clean and the kids are taking a nap, I get on Pinterest and pin to my heart’s content. It is a relieve to me. To see beautiful homes, weddings etc. Call me weird, I don’t know….I guess I am just very obsessed with Pinterest!

But it has lots and lots of great things! From cooking, cleaning to Crafts! They have everything! I have found many medical things on there as well! Pinterest can be very convientiant!

So tell me in the comments below, Do you have a pinterest account? What is the best thing you have pinned so far????


One comment on “Pinterest!

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